Monday, December 04, 2006

THE HEAVY BLINKERS "Try Telling That to My Baby"

Res Fest 2006 came to a close last night, after 4 days of amazing screenings. it was definitely time well spent, seeing such great Canadian and International talent on display. Revolver had a few videos featured, including The Heavy Blinkers "Try Telling That to My Baby", in the Cinema Electronica catagory. this video follows a cupcake on his adventure through a tasty candy-land, complete with dancing lollipops, giant cookies, and synchronize swimming candycorn! definitely a treat to watch! it here:
The Heavy Blinkers "Try Telling That to My Baby"
Directors: Fluorescent Hill

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essteeyou said...

oh god i loved this band before the video came out, but this video made everything even better.