Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TEGAN & SARA "The Con"

Suzie Vlcek directs the new video for Tegan & Sara, where they deal with a soporific psychiatrist who delves into their memories and fears.

watch it here:
Tegan & Sara "The Con"
Director: Suzie Vlcek


Brian said...

Hey Angela, do you read our Video Blog.......SRO.

Are you clip-tip's sister cause you guys look the same:)

angela said...

haha. not affiliated at all - totally by accident we have the same layout...it was the nicest one of all the templates. i have yet to sit down and change it all. :)

angela said...

also, i'm linking your site to mine, 'cause i love it. i like your thing on the new fergie video...marc webb is one of my favorite directors.

Mark said...

Hey Angela,

I can't find any contact info on this blog, hence I'll post it here. I was wondering, could you have a look at our latest videos, and, should you enjoy them, possibly consider sharing one with your readers? My email is info(at)theenrighthouse(dot)com.

Thank you!


angela said...

hi there mark. i just checked it out - it's pretty neat. unfortunately, the only videos i post on here are the ones produced through Revolver Film Company (where i work). keep up the good work though, and please, feel free to keep reading my blog!